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Well hello you've just stumbled into the dark underground world of Mr. K's Orchestra. Mr. K's Orchestra aka the Kyd aka Casey Robbins is the man behind it all, controlling every tweak and every tone. Spending 90% of his time at his fully functional home studio and the other 10% at a part time job. The Kyd is a music fanatic, single handedly writing, engineering, mixing, mastering and performing all the instruments on all his albums with the exception of a few guest musicians here and there.

After trying the guitar and keyboard with no spark, Casey tried the drums and there was a fire. There was an uncanny connection that's for sure. He connected himself to the drums for years playing all the time and rehearsing with a beach boy's tape playing in the stereo. The Kyd eventually wanted to expand his musical horizon and picked up the guitar, then bass, then keyboard, in that order. While playing the guitar thru out high school, Casey must of played more that he went to class. Then joining some classmates in their punk rock band "Dick Tubb", showed the Kyd that he could put his own band together. So he did just that, recruiting his best friend to pick up the bass and telling him he's going to play it.

In no time the boys found a drummer and a screamer and "Spaztic Disorder" was created. Due to member swapping, the Kyd ended up playing the drums and best friend Russ swapped the bass for the microphone. A new band was formed that they called "Destitute". The band thrashed its punk antics all the way thru high school, until they're sudden demise in 2000. Left in the aftermath of "Destitute", the Kyd found himself in a slum of depression and began reaching for the only thing he knew, creating music. Obtaining a tascam 4-track for prier project demos, the Kyd began experimenting on recording with drum machines and samplers, creating his own music style. After a few years, Mr. K's Orchestra was officially named, deriving its name from the Kyd, the Beatles song "being for a benefit of Mr. Kite!" and the Orchestra inside Casey's head. In the past five years the Kyd has produced & arranged around forty-one albums and he's not stopping for anything. With an immense taste of music that's regurgitated back out with such creativity, Mr. K's can't go wrong. Splicing the likes of classical, blues, jazz, rock n rock and electronic pop music, it's hard to pigeon-holed this guy. Further more welcome and thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the site.