1. 15.
2. Bleed on me.
3. Trapped in time.
4. Open plain.
5. All right.
6. The Green clock.
7. Take us away.
8. Give me your.
9. Every thing.
10. Chocolate eyes.
11. Sease to see.
12. All I wanted.

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Self Titled Five
Mr. K's Orchestra

This fifth self titled album of Mr. K's orchestra is a collage of electronic world rhythms. Exploring the darkest depths of Mr. K's collective soul creations, utilizing an array of samples, loops, guitars and sequences. Building amazing tracks front to back, this is no ordinary electronic album. Refreshing and mesmerizing poly synth world of rhythms like " Chocolate eyes" and The Green clock" featuring Ross A. on acoustic guitar. Dipping into the strait forward groves of "Open plain", and it doesn't stop there! Record digitally in the basement in 2003.

Album Art Designed By Ryan Clark Design


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