1. Better than nothing.
2. Lonely sad light.
3. Drippsters revenge.
4. Run away.
5. Clue.
6. Your life.
7. The days.
8. Now "n" later.
9. Glass room.
10. Ergola Bates.
11. Class.
12. Tegg.
13. Dear friend.
14. Flease apple.
15. General flex.
16. Pirate tattoo.
17. Trapped in time.
18. Give me your.
19. Why haven't you.
20. The same Co.
21. Only my hands.
22. Going out.
23. It wasn't me.
24. your hands.

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Self Titled Seven
Mr. K's Orchestra

Mr. K's seventh self titled album contains twenty-four songs taken form twelve previous albums. Originally designed for a promotional give away and distributed to the students of the University of Washington. The promos that went out to Washington however had totally different covers and are not available anywhere. The music is still here and ready to be heard with brilliant pop collaborations with Ross Albert in "Give Me Your". This is a great album to pick up if you're not sure what to get because of the variety of recordings spanning two years of creations. Recorded digitally in all locations in 2002/2003.


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