1. Now "n" later.
2. Darkest violet.
3. The days.
4. Apple dreams.
5. Salami.
6. Washed in ways.
7. Alpo.
8. Reconstruction.
9. Part 1.
10. Miracle.
11. Twitch.
12. Sundays round ends.

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Self Titled One
Mr. K's Orchestra

This first self titled album is the beginning of a never-ending series of self titled releases. Being the first in its' class, this breaks it down with a distinctively original formula of electric music fusing loops and samples all the while being surrounded by guitars and Mr. K's haunting vocals. Inside this electric pop fusion lays some of Mr.K's classics like "Now n later, "The days" and "Salami". Filled with a wonderful assortment of tunes for your listening enjoyment, that bounce through your stereo and question your ears. Enduring the challenges and still blowing minds, Self Title One remains one of the best albums from Mr. K's Orchestra. Recorded digitally at the Fifth Street apartment in 2002/2003.


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