1. Calling me kid.
2. The tall one.
3. Above it all.
4. Travel 1943.
5. He was a dreamer.
6. My fin.
7. Hard year time.
8. The young and the helpless.
9. We are here.
10. Early man.
11. Long time.
12. One step to steep.

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Suits and cigarette paper
Mr. K's Orchestra

Through the thick clouds of cigarette smoke, a young man sporting a suit and tie sits inside his full-blown home recording studio. Mr. K's is writing, arraigning, performing, producing and engineering his own special hybrid form of soulful music. He is constantly working on his music and crystallizing his ideas. This interesting look inside a young producers work reveals great musical achievements inspired by the great masters of pop and rock n roll music, audible to the trained ear. This wonderful collection of tracks contains great songs like " The tall one" and "He was a dreamer" featuring back up vocal by Evyn M. Also featuring groovy tunes like "travel 1943" and "Hard time year". Recorded digitally in the basement in 2004.


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