1. A very long year.
2. Where are you Burt.
3. 2nd place.
4. In the closet.
5. Fight the buzz.
6. Take me outside.
7. My name is Burt.
8. Glad to be Burt.
9. Burt the wizard.
10. Don't give up.
11. Remember when.
12. Burt.
13. In the flower garden.
14. Dear Burt.
15. Baby Burt.
16. Cut loose.

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The Burt triathlon disk
Mr. K's Orchestra

The Burt triathlon disk is a bizarre experimental concept album; every creepy inch of this thing is weird. About an imaginary character named Burt who was in the 1989 Olympics and was challenged by his own fortune. This album twists and turn through different stories and crazy hypnotic soundtracks about this imaginary man. Featuring appearances by Ross A. on "My name is Burt" and "Dear Burt" and Garrett B on "Baby Burt". Also enjoy a number of Burt extravaganzas like "In the closet" and "Remember when". Recorded digitally in the basement in 2004.


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