1. The golden sun.
2. Blanket.
3. No one hears me.
4. Voices.
5. Rosetta stone.
6. High school.
7. Grandma please.
8. Fall in down.
9. Know.
10. Hittin the road.
11. Undiscovered.
12. Dog time.

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The sun
Mr. K's Orchestra

Inside the sun lays an extremely imaginative rock n roll/pop masterpiece. Transforming through a number of great sounding songs and entering an astonishing period of Mr. K's productions. The sun throws in a great mixture of rock n roll and electronic music that combines together to create an amalgamation of music. Amazing and inspiring in its' display of unpredictability, each track has an original feel and flows gracefully from beginning to end. Filled with pop and rock sound spurts that help create Mr. K's beautiful styles. Featuring a great collaboration with Joel M. titled "Know". Also featuring Ross A. on organ and guitar here and there. Plus this contains great songs like "Voices" and "Hittin the road" and much more. Over all one of the best releases from Mr. K's Orchestra recorded digitally in the basement in 2004.


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