1. Today or tomorrow.
2. Took me away.
3. Run run.
4. Where do I go.
5. The line.
6. Crazy bug.
7. In the morning.
8. Shut up about hurl.
9. Hey buddy.
10. I'm dead now.

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Self Title Eleven
Mr. K's Orchestra

Mr K's eleventh self titled album is a nonstop rock n roll fiesta. Over flowing with riffs of ooze and bass explosions, using a conventional rock n rock line up; such as drums, bass, guitar, organ and vocals. This crazy rock sound will have you grandma running down the street screaming! Locked inside this originally creative rock n roll album are a number of great songs like "run run" and strange tunes like "shut up about hurl" featuring Ross A. and Garret B. Also featuring fast and groovy songs "Hey buddy" and "the line". This album remains one of the best albums of Mr. K's Orchestra. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2004.


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