1. The day after.
2. Glass.
3. Oh well.
4. Open plain.
5. Jitney.
6. Talking to himself.
7. Those days.
8. No one knows.
9. Eyemnot.
10. Surfs berg.
11. Long time.
12. Got me beat.

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Self Titled Ten
Mr. K's Orchestra

Mr. K's tenth self titled album is nothing less than a brilliant pop masterpiece. Fusing an assortment of old and new ideas together to form one of Mr. K's best albums created yet. Each song is wonderfully imaginative and innovating, transforming through mazes of musical magic. Considering Mr. K's Orchestra is a solo act, this album contains songs like "taking to himself" which contains a number of musicians such as Joel M. on rhythm guitar, Garret B on stand up bass, Ross A. on organ and Andrew L. on mandolin. Also featuring the old man, the Kyd and Travis A. on dueling guitar solos. Some of these musicians appear here and there throughout this album and did a great job. This is a great choice for your collection, featuring great songs like "Jitney", "Eymnot", Surfsburg" and much, much more. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2004.


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