1. Old mans claw.
2. All I want.
3. Simple fly.
4. With my friend.
5. Suplicaba.
6. Some times.
7. Rocky.
8. UFO.
9. One fine Sunday
10. One fine Monday.
11. Not as bad.
12. To loose it all.

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Mr. K's Orchestra

Imagine yourself in a smorgasbord of ever changing styles in underground music. All jumbled together in an unconventional manner and distinctly original in its' production. "This isn't so much a sound as it is a collection of sounds", says Mr. K. With a wide range of instrumentation, from acoustic guitars to strait up electronic grooves and a bit of precise fusing. This is definitely an interesting collection of songs Mr. K has put together. Beyond an array of sounds that manifest themselves throughout this album are some songs that stick out, like the classical sounds of "Simple fly" and the interesting sounds of "UFO", also featuring the beautiful vocals of Itahi on "suplicaba" This album was recorded digitally in the basement in 2003.


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