1. Came up.
2. Hona lulu.
3. Spaghetti.
4. Chew chew.
5. In the box.
6. Put on my shoes.
7. Would you say.
8. into you're eye's.
9. You know.
10. Ruin it all.
11. Step Right up.
12. Me to be.

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Record, Play
Mr. K's Orchestra

Instantly strange and continuing on through the bellowing clouds of record, play. Mr. K is at it again with his multifaceted hybrid style of electronic pop music. Fusing elements from every dark corner of a record shop. Featuring bizarre tracks like "Would you say", "Spaghetti" and "You know". It doesn't stop there' this album is crammed with magnificent tracks that will keep you guessing at every turn. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2003.


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