1. By the toe.
2. Jackolantern.
3. Dear Santa.
4. Thursday.
5. The best.
6. Junk box.
7. Only my hands.
8. Untitled.
9. Going out.
10. Over looked.
11. The secret.
12. This girl.

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The lost collection
Mr. K's Orchestra

This is the beginning of Mr. K's live instrument performances, the first album to be recorded solely with real drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. This strange breed of rock n roll pop fusion breaks the walls down and leaves no remains to be built back up. The lost collection is the start to a beautiful musical relationship filled with freedom and versatility that doesn't come with many. Featuring fantastic tracks like "jackolantern" and "the secret" and a great collaboration with Ross A. titled "This girl". There's a grand assortment of tunes on this album getting you ready for what's coming next. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2003.


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