1. The frost.
2. Halloween day.
3. Plush.
4. Sun dog.
5. For ever never.
6. Razzmatazz.
7. Cowboys.
8. Grey world.
9. It wasn't me.
10. All aboard.
11.Dark sky.
12. Walking.

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Mr. K's Orchestra

Fields is the turning point for Mr. K's Orchestra, after this point Mr. K concentrated solely on recording with many more live elements. This is one of the last all out electronic scrapbooks of Mr. K's Orchestra. Blasting through track after track with this strange approach to electronic music refreshes your senses. This farewell to the electronic styles kicks off with a bang in "The frost" and keeps the fire burning with "For ever never" classic all the way to the end. Thus far, Fields, remains one of the best additions to the catalog of Mr. K's Orchestra. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2003.


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