1. Your hands.
2. Full moons.
3. The cat.
4. Black and white.
5. For the Farmer.
6. White gloves.
7. It wasn't me.
8. Freak you.
9. The beast.
10. Fox.
11. Untitled part 2.
12. All night.

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Mr. K's Orchestra

Floating through space and time at random, radical rhythms rolling right over your head. Reverting time into hovering melodic sequences bouncing off you brain and stimulating its nerves. Some people call it funky science pop, and some people call it what ever they want, but everybody knows it's Mr. K's Orchestra. With this 2003 release of, Fallen, Mr. K is surely on the verge of creating something out of this world, and getting closer with every step. This album is great and contains fantastic collaborations such as the great "For the farmer" featuring Ross A. and the funky sounds of "Freak you" featuring Garrett B. Plus songs like "Your hand" and "White gloves" and there is plenty more were that came from. Recorded digitally in the basement in 2003.


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