1. Cast three.
2. They found.
3. I am one.
4. Tern.
5. Fancy Nancy.
6. Co Co.
7. Fun one
8. ol dog blu.
9. Poler ice cap.
10. Average one.

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the third door
Mr. K's Orchestra

The third door is an extremely experimental surrounding noise conquest. Instantly interesting and moving in its display of original depth and color, truly innovative and dramatic as each second goes by. Every once in a while when ideas start to get far out, things like this happen! This weird look inside the beautiful mind of Mr. K's Orchestra delivers the mysterious sounds of composition like "Cast three" and "Tern". Plus it contains some strange happenings with Ross A. In "Fun one" and more eccentric musical rarities. So if you're ready, go through the third door and see what's on the other side, but be careful. Recorded digitally in the loft in 2002/2003.


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