1. Visualizing Francis Bates.
2. Midnight avengers.
3. Soft dreams.
4. Sun is out.
5. The floor.
6. Neddy.
7. You're a dream.
8. Drunken summer.
9. Beelzebub.
10. Flying zipper.
11. Summer.
12. Under dog.
13. In the fridge.
14. add a zero.
15. Night Terror.
16. Race cycle.
17. Circles on the moon.
18. Dear Santa.
19. Bleed on me.
20. Future dinosaur's land.

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Chapter session
Mr. K's Orchestra

The Chapter session, contains a collection of songs that never ended up on chapters one through four. For some reason or another they got pushed aside, but they are now available here. With this bizarre blend of electronic dance rock screaming through you stereo, it's sure to catch an ear or two. Featuring songs like "Visualizing Francis Bates", "Future dinosaurs land" and much more. Recorded on an analog four-track tape machine at the 5th Street apartment in 2002/2003.


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