1. November crush.
2. Another one.
3. Love is murder.
4. Gray world.
5. The Floor.
6. Nevada confidential.
7. Blame.
8. 7:00 in the morning.
9. The sun is out.
10. Hats off.
11. Please make a note of it.
12. In you're mind.

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Chapter 4
Mr. K's Orchestra

The final piece of the collection brings you the mysterious and melancholy sound of a still forming idea. The search for satisfaction continues with, Chapter 4, and doesn't stop there. How can an artist ever realy be done with his life's work at such an early age? While straying from the ordinary and faithfully unconventional Mr. K's electric pop formulas cross breed through the genres to create mega-hybrids. Featuring pop creations like "Nevada confidential", "7:00 in the morning" and " Hats off". Recorded on an analog four-track tape machine at the 5th Street apartment in 2002.


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