1. The break in.
2. Girl.
3. Today.
4. Man.
5. Run Away.
6. They live in caves.
7. Wait in the water.
8. You don't know.
9. Cold brain.
10. In the city.
11. Started raining.
12. Mr.K -VS- The demonic toys.
13. Laser of love.
14. Letters to you're self.
15. In Rose's wig

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Chapter 3
Mr. K's Orchestra

Instantly delivering the follow up chapter, Chapter 3, a marvelous array of experimental transparent electro pop. With this funky groove fuzz flair Mr. K's inspiring electronic symphonies travel past the boundaries undetected. Without a trace of insecurity, Mr. K works his way through a maze of mental pictures trying to catch his true visions. Bringing you songs like "Man", "Cold brain" and "In the city". Recorded on an analog four-track tape machine at the 5th Street apartment in 2002.


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