1. Happintroness.
2. Summer.
3. Early
4. cut up paper.
5. Chair
6. Drippsters revenge.
7. Better than nothing.
8. Hope.
9. Only a man.
10. Place's in life.
11. Hold on here.
12. Lonely sad light.

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Chapter 2
Mr. K's Orchestra

Like any good book, the story thickens when you go within. The same is true with Mr. K's second release, Chapter 2. Withholding layers of dark and melancholy madness, striking together with a transparent world rythm. With ever riveting track pushing you in a different direction, Chapter 2, will leave you on the edge of your seat. Featuring a number of great originals like "summer", "Dippsters revenge" and "lonely sad light". Recorded on an analog four-track tape machine at the 5th Street apartment in 2002.


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