1. You're a dream.
2. Snow bound.
3. But it's not.
4. Hey whats cookin.
5. MG wrong.
6. Toxic shame.
7. Somethings changed.
8. Blues on the green.
9. Ghost.
10. all the scared people.
11. Down black front.
12. I found more.

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Chapter 1
Mr. K's Orchestra

Let's go floating back in time to the beginning of a thought, an amalgamation of sound, the modest electro pop symphonies of Mr. K's Orchestra. Take a close look at Mr. K's first release ever. Beginning the sage of a multifaceted and extensive collection of artistic music in it's truest form. Demonstrating an interesting combination of loops and drum patterns, with a hint of guitar and vocals stretched over it like the crust of a pie. Featuring great classics like "Snow bound", "MG wrong" and "Toxic shame". Recorded on an analog four-track tape machine at the 5th Street apartment in 2002.


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