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Mr. K's Orchestra

Mr. K's Orchestra

Health spa House Show
Review 4/10/05
By: Angelina Martin

Mr.K's Orchestra From Eugene
Sounds like: Symphonic cacophony

Some people say "interesting" like it's a bad thing. This is a concrete example of that not being the case. A pretty good turn out for a sunday night. A masked psychedelic free form, free for all. The brains of the whole operation being The Kyd. He play the beats, & conducts The (dis)functional symphony wearing a suit and a Richard Nixon mask. He is the conductor and his orchestra? anyone who could find a mask & an instrument. Instruments include: a empty keg of beer and a lawn mower, among more " conventional " ones. Rhythmic clanging and structured music chaos over pre-recorded beats & music. Come for the freak show stay for the lawn mower solo.